Love at first site…

It happened. The red cups are back! The official holiday season is here!! At least for me 🙂 Silly, I know, but the second Starbucks ushers in their bright red holiday cups, I am instantly in the spirit for everything Christmas/Winter/General Holidays!

I’m not one to stress about crowds, last minute shopping/shoppers or gaining any type of weight during the next few months. Heck! I will be too busy looking forward to snow, writing Christmas cards with my new hubby and drinking pumpkin spice lattes —which will move into the gingerbread latte. (Mildly obsessed but it’s okay! I get gift cards from family and friends in order to successfully support this holiday habit)

What helps you ring in the holiday season? Please ease my thoughts and tell me I’m sane for this obsession–haha!

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Shoes I Wore: Another Manic Monday

When: November 1, 2010
Where: Office

Why: Mondays are always so difficult for some reason, and my shoes definitely reflect this feeling. Mondays are functional, for the most part. And since the weather was still semi-cool and a bit dreary, I went for these comfy gray flats with small patent leather button detail. It gets the job done, super light, great fit and does not kill the heel.

However, just because these shoes are sans color, it doesn’t mean they are boring! I believe that the colors gray and black get a bad rap. Why? So many tones and patterns can result in this color combination and these shoes are a great example! Personality 🙂 And comfort! Can’t beat that!

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A loyal “big bag” girl will never abandon her love…

I must admit, as of late, I have not been carrying around my huge purses. Instead, when I’m on the go, running errands, antiquing or just getting out of the house for a bit, I’ve fallen in love with clutches or bigger wallets that hold just the bare essentials.

I am now on a search to add to my clutch collection (although not giving up my search for little additions for the ever-growing purse obsession) and came across a few items that would complete a day or evening look.

For evening, I found EllenVINTAGE. These elegant clutches would have been a perfect find for my bridesmaids! But alas, that moment is up. However, moving forward, I could definitely see myself carrying these in the evening, and some during the day, as well as giving them as gifts! The details are just my style!! Few Faves:

And for a more of a day look, or even just a more casual feel, here are a few beauties spotted from lillie ellie. A bit less structured that the previous, but still jam-packed with personality and color. Eeeek love the colors!!

And, for me, these all would make smooth transitions from fall to winter…as I am someone who hates to be without a pop of color 🙂

Happy Monday, all!!

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Structure was never a negative thing…

It just keeps my mind on task 🙂

To all my readers–I have decided to go with a type of schedule to kind of organize, if you will, the way my blog flows. It will not only help me prioritize my most desired write-ables but also keep you in the know of what to expect! (Although, I give myself full permission to sometimes deviate from the course…)

The updated Monday-Friday postings are listed on the right! Can’t wait to post tomorrow! 🙂 It will be a fun one!

Until then, Happy Halloween!!!

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Honeymoon might be done, but it’s not over…

Officially a newlywed 🙂 And couldn’t be more pleased, at ease or satisfied. Ahh, such a wonderful feeling. After we said “I do”, enjoyed a piece of cake with family, and danced the night away with friends, my new husband whisked me away to a cabin in Branson, Missouri. It was perfect.

The timing couldn’t have been anymore perfect, as it was clear we were both aching for some traditional R&R. The honeymoon cabin, which was reserved for us, fit the bill to a “T”. Complete with fireplace, whirlpool, and precious bridal details (there was a ring bearer pillow on the nightstand and a garter on the lamp!! 🙂 ), this cabin was the quintessential picture of what a honeymoon should be—yay!!

This trip got me thinking, though…so many newlywed couples nowadays (at least all my friends) are going on exotic getaways and far off lands to enjoy there first few moments together as Mr. & Mrs. Is this something that is expected, warranted or just desired? It’s my hope that if we want to go on a grand escape, we can do so in the future 🙂 but my idea of the picture-perfect honeymoon was just me and my new hubby relaxing in front of a fire.

Wondering…What is your idea of the perfect first getaway with your mate?

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Halloween creeps around the corner…

Things have been so hectic lately, I almost forgot a goolish holiday around the corner: Halloween!! Although my evening will be spent rather tame, I must admit a few traditional items will be on this agenda for the evening:

1. Michael Jackson’s Thriller
2. Passing out amazing candy at the parent’s house
3. Watching my all-time favorite scary flick
4. Pumpkin carving!

Although it may not sound like the most exciting, I know it will be a blast! No costumes or crazy decorations, but pumpkins and treats will abound! And since the pumpkin carving will most likely be the only new “creative” endeavor that evening, here are my top picks for my funny faces:

If you love these and want more ideas like the above, check out the stencils for these designs and many more!

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Fall, Autumn, Harvest…no matter what you call it, it’s magical…

October is in full swing! And the leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and my favorite fall accessories are getting ample usage! I can’t get enough of this time of year-it definitely does something to my attitude, turning it into a giddy delight. (And, thank goodness I now have another reason to love this season–my wedding anniversary!! (wed on October 16, 2010 🙂 but more on that later…))

This season is abundant with amazing color that a true redhead like myself desperately loves and craves the rest of the year. Deep browns, brilliant oranges, sunny yellow, burgundy, deep green *GUSH* so it comes to no surprise that the following fantastic finds match a color pallet that I not only love but complements my locks 🙂

The following items are courtesy of lovies at 🙂 DUH!

Indian Summer:KnotOriginal

Perfect pairing to skinnies, cozy navy sweater, deep chocolate boots. So yum!

Sable Edwardian Velvet Pin:jenniferwhitmer

Magnificent pin, perfect pairing for casual or evening. I could see myself adding this not only to a coat or dress, but why not on an evening clutch or even in my hair for the afternoon!

Autum Beauty:ishootnouns

What better way to keep autumn in the home year ’round 🙂 perfection.

Little Fallen Leaf:LittleGreenRoom

Perfect addition (and star of the neckline) when layered with simple colorful red and gold chains..Eee 🙂

Autumn Harvest Typography:barnowlprimitives

In summation…

Obviously I could show you a million and ten additional items that are beyond lovely, but I wanted to highlight a few immediate faves 🙂 What are your favorite fall finds? I would love to know!!!

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From one blog to another…

It’s no secret that I’m a gal that loves a good deal. And part of my quest on finding that amazing and one-of-a-kind deal is relying on a few perfectly polished websites that are jam-packed with beyond made-for-me sales. One in particular,, caught my eye a few months back.

There is something about this site that screams “ME!”. has several of the same stores I scope out on other savings websites, but my reason for hanging on this certain website is the overall feel it gives me. I feel as if it relates directly to my personality, my flow. It shows me what I want to see, is extremely attractive, and, up until about two weeks ago, it had a blog that I read on a daily basis.

I’m so confused. It had the most creative composites of the latest sale items, new ways to create interesting seasonal wardrobes, giveaways, and much much more. I gathered inspiration as well as had strong opinions about what I liked (or rarely didn’t like) that was presented on the daily posts. But now it’s gone. I’m totally devastated, to say the least, and I’m wondering…

Have you ever had a blog that you loved reading, whether it was a blogger you followed, a blog part of a retail site or something else, and it just went away? Or maybe you are familiar with and it’s previously-amazing blog.

I miss my daily read. Come back??

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Follow ups and Updates

I realized that I totally spaced on my last entry and will put in where I found those bags ASAP. I cannot deny you the satisfaction of purchasing these lovelies, now can I??

On other updates, its only a few weeks until my wedding! I’m bursting at the seams! After purchasing 3 dresses, making all the centerpieces by hand (thanks dad and j!), and basically creating everything out of this little vision in my head, it is finally coming together!! And I must say, I could NOT have done it without my crew. My own little choir of angels that helped create (and deliver) the most amazing details that will grace a beautiful day in October.

Here are just a few of the shoutouts!!!

Rehearsal Dinner Invites:


Wedding Bouquets:

My Favors and Flowers

Wedding Ceremony Programs:

Sondra's Ink

Thanks so much! I will share more amazing etsy sellers in the near future!!

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Calling all camel lovers!

Hobos, clutches and satchels- oh my! It truly is the season of all things camel. It’s classic, clean and totally neutral. And although you can bounce a million and one colors off of this perfect hue, there is still something about this style standing on its own.

I decided to seek out one of my favorite accessories: bags. All kinds of camel bags and see what I can find this season. I’m looking for it all! Small, large, boxy, baggy, adorned and simple. And here is what I came up with:

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